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The medical imperial concubine of the prosperous age is in power

The medical imperial concubine of the prosperous age is in power

The medical imperial concubine of the prosperous age is in power

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    The medical imperial concubine of the prosperous age is in power
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    Murong Huachen
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2022-02-28 10:10:07
She is a concubine of the Hou family. She is simple and innocent, but not very outstanding. She was robbed of her engagement by her first sister and drowned herself She, a ghost in China, was reborn by her body, and the little common woman opened the road of counter attack as everyone knows, in her previous life, she was a super rich and a master of traditional Chinese and Western medicine. She had all inclusive storage space, crossed with countless medicinal materials and weapons, and had reserves of cars and planes the days of self-reliance are the most bullish the insidious first-line mother was bitterly hated by her, cheated by her, and exploded with anger she doesn't rely on her to eat or wear. She wants to suppress her? No way, get out of the way Bai Lianhua's first sister was kicked away by her without mercy! He was thrown on the pillar again, knocked his face with blood, and was frightened only once as a concubine in the East Palace, she is a concubine. People are waiting to see her joke. Unexpectedly, she is so strong and exquisite. Every time she averts danger, she goes to a higher level not only does it have superb medical skills, save the dying and heal the wounded with modern medical skills, but also guards every country that needs to heal after the war in the treacherous political situation... Beautiful Prince: does sister Yuchong remember being alone it is said that a woman's marriage is the beginning of a new life. Since you forget it, you can start anew. I will love you with my heart Yuzhong: Although I forgot you, I heard you were a good man, so I married. I hope I won't regret today's decision in the future out of filial piety to her grandmother, she married to the East Palace according to her order. Unexpectedly, she was infatuated with the tenderness of the prince, a cold man God Yuzhong: I won't push the prince's brother to anyone Beautiful Prince: you should remember this sentence, because it's my favorite [shuangwen, Chongwen]

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