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Cannon fodder accidentally attacked the villain

Cannon fodder accidentally attacked the villain

Cannon fodder accidentally attacked the villain

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    Cannon fodder accidentally attacked the villain
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    Chi youhehua
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    Happy Read
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2022-05-23 13:44:00
Gu Gefei has worn the book and his task is to save the villains and change the plot. as the most popular evil god of meiqiang tragic villain in this book, Luo Zhao was once the most noble God of war in the three worlds. Because of his great achievements, Gu Gefei was poisoned into a "half blind" with White Damask on his eyes. in order to prevent him from blackening, Gu Gefei opened the road of "worshipping" the villains, helped him heal his eyes and found a necklace pendant for him, Offer him a long light, and even block his attack regardless of his own life and death. however, the villain has been reborn countless times. In the face of the "rescuers" who vowed but finally left, and the "paper people" in the book have awakened one after another, setting many obstacles for her rescue GU Gefei, without any golden fingers, saved the villain with his thick skin and indomitable spirit, but found that the villain looked at him more and more gently, cannon fodder wanted to go home after the plot, but he accidentally attacked the villain because he was too involved in acting this is a story of the whole staff awakening and collective villains... LUO Zhao: you made me believe that I still have the possibility of being saved GU Gefei: you misunderstood. I just want to go home... 1v1, he, easy redemption, updated every day poor God (gopher) x iceberg disease Jiao Chengfu deep evil god (luozhao) readers: 1134578823 small theater: gopher: evil god, a copper coin is also money. Please don't throw it away at will LUO Zhao: there was too much money to put in his purse, so he lost it gopher (touched the purse with only one copper plate):... Are you showing off?!

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